In order to protect the health and safety of employees, staff, and students, all those who access Pasco County School locations must self-screen for symptoms and other risk factors of COVID-19 daily. If you answer YES to any of the questions, you should NOT be on campus. Access the Visitor Screener or the Student Screener online. Employees should use the Employee Self-Screener.

Google Phone List

Please note that teachers stagger a 7.5 hour work day.  So, if your call isn’t answered, they will return it within 24 hours.  If you need an immediate response, please add it to the Discussions area in your course.

Last Name First Name Email Dept Google Voice Number
Warren Jennifer jwarren@ Admin 813-485-5601
Maus Jessica jmaus@ Admin 813-485-5582
Quina Alyssa aquina@ Admin 727-753-9038
Resto Jennifer jresto@ Admin 813-485-5561
Abramovitz Jennifer jabramov@ Arts 727-369-8993
Filippelli Brianna bfilippe@ Arts 727-316-5364
Fultz-Cianciolo Heather hfultz@ Arts 813-603-7215
Hollenbeck Josh jhollenb@ Arts 813-586-0072
James Nicole njames@ Arts 727-314-5196
Madak Carene cmadak@ Arts 813-575-0415
Spear Leslie lparrin@ Arts 813-603-7040
Sumrall Krystal ksumrall@ Arts 727-835-5003
Askins Madison maskins@ BCE 813-563-2155
Coppin Rita rcoppin@ Design 813-485-5641
Hensley Jessica jhensley@ Design 813-603-6660
Marshall Joseph jmarshal@ Design 727-835-5081
Olson Andrew aolson@ Design 813 575-0717
Ketterer Christine cketterer@ ESE 813-563-9028
Bailey Sara sbailey@ Guidance 813-485-5767
Gay Gaylene ggay@ Guidance 813-485-6166
Marchica Gina gmarchic@ Guidance 813-815-0074
Martinez-Monfort Rene rmartine@ Guidance 813-485-5239
Stahl Laurie lstahl@ Guidance 813-575-0122
Cooper Lauren lcooper@ I&S 813-563-9025
Davis Chrissy ccdavis@ I&S 813-485-5669
Kodish Victor vkodish@ I&S 813-543-6194
McLeod Rory rmcleod@ I&S 727-753-9641
Menendez Manuel mmenende@ I&S 727-835-5080
Moore Troy tomoore@ I&S 813-540-6891
Trout Michael mtrout@ I&S 727-835-8914
Weaver Joshua jtweaver@ I&S 813-815-0206
Wilkinson-Gray Jessica jrwilkin@ I&S 813-485-6191
Fuqua Kristen kfuqua@ I&S/LDC 813-485-4763
Calabria-Seda Nilsa ncalabri@ IA 813-575-0243
Cruz Michelle mlcruz@ IA 727-378-2145
Duran Ramona rmduran@ IA 321-244-8864
Kennon Michelle jkennon@ IA 813-444-8587
McTaggart Marcia mmctagga@ IA 813-543-6390
Buller Marisa mbuller@ Lang. Acq. 813-815-0478
Fernandez Maria mfernand@ Lang. Acq. 813-778-5823
Golfieri Angela agolfier@ Lang. Acq. 813-492-4795
Torres Carla cmtorres@ Lang. Acq. 352-403 1756
Amedy Tricia tamedy@ Lang. and Lit. 813-563-7912
Crissey Jennifer jcrissey@ Lang. and Lit. 813-540-0808
Dunmire Stacie sdunmire@ Lang. and Lit. 813-485-5881
Fromm Jamie jfromm@ Lang. and Lit. 813-540-2958
Ippolito Jennifer jippolit@ Lang. and Lit. 813-563-8249
Marshall Kimberly kcmarsha@ Lang. and Lit. 727-835-6269
Myers Kimberly khmyers@ Lang. and Lit. 813-563-8917
Nelson Brittany bknelson@ Lang. and Lit. 813-575-0350
Peters Pamela ppeters@ Lang. and Lit. 813-277-4661
Vollstedt Taryn tvollste@ Lang. and Lit. 813-540-2488
Worley Annette aworley@ Lang. and Lit. 813-778-5822
Gocek Aileen ggocek@ Lang. and Lit./ESE 813-445-5013
Reddic Stacy sreddic@ Lang. and Lit./ESE 813-485-5598
Alholinna Meusling Eila ealholin@ Math 813-485-5754
Brown Charlene chbrown@ Math 813-603-7581
Gasparini Jenny jgaspari@ Math 813-485-5591
Grills Kelly kgrills@ Math 813-485-5747
Neibert Amanda aneibert@ Math 813-603-6792
Poppert Rachel rpoppert@ Math 727-314-5177
Roland Paige proland@ Math 813-563-8760
Schneiderman Alex aschneid@ Math 727-314-7916
Spieler Wei wspieler@ Math 813-603-7262
Craven Jennifer jcraven@ Math/ESE 813-563-9980
Goldsworthy Cindy cgoldswo@ Math/ESE 813-485-5733
Rodriguez Sherry shrodrig@ Math/ESE 813-863-1691
Cardinale Becky rcardina@ Math/IBC 813-438-3781
Greenhow Mia mgreenho@ Math/SSAP 813-563-8389
Dinehart Sandra sdinehar@ Non-Inst 813-485-5534
Dunn Melissa madunn@ Non-Inst 813-485-5928
Garcia Martha margarci@ Non-Inst 561-285-1065
Harris Darlene ldharris@ Non-Inst 813-485-6522
Martin Cheyenne cgmartin@ Non-Inst 727-314-3987
Craven Sean (Robert) rcraven@ PHE 813-563-9690
Savage Lisa llaing@ PHE 813-815-3361
Tavo Jacob jtavo@ PHE 813-485-5872
Cherpock Lauren lbingham@ Sciences 813-778-5472
Del Giacco Kevin kdelgiac@ Sciences 813-922-5282
Dewitt-Buckalew Alyse adewitt@ Sciences 813-815-0434
Gourley Connie cgourley@ Sciences 813 603 8838
Lash Robin rlash@ Sciences 813-815-0444
Nerius Jennifer jnerius@ Sciences 813-815-3226
Newman TC thnewman@ Sciences 813-778-5865
Polak Andrew apolak@ Sciences 813-563-8797
Polk Raisa rsoluri@ Sciences 813-485-5514
Elders Elissa eelders@ SRO 727-514-8611 (agency)
Brazier Marjorie mbrazier@ Student Svcs. 352-388-1842
LaFramboise Patricia plaframb@ Student Svcs. 813-575-2221
Leonard Buffey bsimon@ Student Svcs. 813-815-0769
Mapes Heather hmapes@ Student Svcs. 813-485-6762
Popkave Kyle kpopkave@ Student Svcs. 813-563-8498