Coming Together To Help Panthers Achieve Success

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What is P.A.R.T.?

  • A community engagement program designed to highlight parent/guardians who champion a safe and a positive environment through volunteering time at the school.
  • Participants come to the school during school hours to assist with ensuring the school is safe by helping students get to class in a timely manner, using their best behavior, and pursing the best choices.

Why does P.A.R.T. exist? 

  • To gather and promote community involvement and support from the stakeholders of Pine View Middle School.
  • To provide additional supervision with the purpose of enhancing the safety and security of all Panthers.
  • To demonstrate the importance of education through a collective partnership of the school and the community that it serves

Who does what? 

  • Program Administrator – Steve Williams
  • Program Coordinator – TBD
  • Program Members – Parent, guardian, community members, and other volunteers serving to fulfill the mission of the P.A.R.T. All members:
    • Communicate regularly with the Program Coordinator
    • Are a Pasco County School District approved volunteer
    • Abide by all Pasco County School District policies
    • Check in at the front office each time they come on campus
    • Wear The Parent P.A.R.T. T-Shirt when “on duty”.
    • Follow assigned daily duties
    • Engage in proper conduct as outlined in the Parent P.A.R.T. Agreement Terms and Conditions
    • Ensures the purpose of the Parent P.A.R.T. Program is implemented daily

Why should you sign up for the program?

  • You care about the students at Pine View Middle School
  • You want to be a part of finding and supporting solutions
  • You can choose what days and what times you volunteer
  • You want to be a part of something big in the lives of children

What makes an outstanding program member?

To achieve the purpose of the P.A.R.T. Program, program members will provide support to Pine View Middle School through engaging in the following actions:

    • Always wearing his or her uniform
    • Encouraging students
    • Help with traffic flow of vehicles and students at arrival and dismissal
    • Monitor hallways and entrances
    • Monitor buildings – inside and outside
    • Provide supervision during transitional periods
    • Assist with lunch supervision
    • Serve as guest speakers to classrooms
    • Actively and positively engage with Pine View Middle School students, faculty, and staff
    • Mentor students


P.A.R.T. Agreement Terms and Conditions

All Pine View Middle School P.A.R.T. members will adhere to the following:

    • Wear the Parent P.A.R.T. T-Shirt
    • Check-in at the front office daily
    • Follow the daily schedule
    • Be approachable:
      • Smile
      • Talk to students
      • Listen to students
    • Abide by The Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida
    • Follow the school’s confidentiality policy in regard to information pertaining to both students and staff
    • Demonstrate neutral political and religious views
    • Not be disruptive when classes are in session
    • Notify school administration when a student is in violation of the Code of Conduct
    • Do Not engage in any physical contact with students
    • Refrain from conduct that would bring disrespect to yourself, your student, and/or the school
    • Refrain from using profanity
    • Refrain from physical use of force
    • Abstain from the use of tobacco products (including vapes), alcohol, and drugs while on the Pine View Middle School Campus
    • Never be alone with a student
    • Limit use of electronic devices while on duty


Failure to comply with these terms, could result in immediate dismissal from the program and cause possible further action being taken, which could include legal and/or criminal charges by the school.