Odyssey of the Mind

Do you like thinking “outside the box”?  Join Odyssey of the Mind!

Odyssey of the Mind  is a creative problem-solving program for students K-12 and college. It provides students with the opportunity to learn creative problem solving, teamwork, brainstorming, self-reliance, and respect for individual strengths — unique, unforgettable experiences that will serve them in every aspect of their lives now and in the future.

Teams of five to seven students meet after school for several months, guided by an adult coach (usually a parent), to develop solutions to one of six Long Term Problems, while also practicing for a Spontaneous Problem. Teams, problems and competitions are organized into five divisions by age groups. In Florida we have Regional competitions where teams advance to State Finals. The top teams from the State Finals go on to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals.

For the Long Term Problem, teams develop a theatrical and engineering solution to a specific situational problem over several months. Solutions may range from building mechanical devices to presenting interpretations of literary classics. Just as much fun are the Spontaneous Problems, where the students develop brainstorming skills to solve problems given at the competition.

Join today by clicking on the link below and competing the form.  If you have further questions, please email Nilsa Calabria-Seda.

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