Prearranged April 26 Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work

The national Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day is scheduled for Thursday, April 26As you know that day falls during state testing for Year 2 Math Session 2.

With this in mind, we will use the same process we’ve used the past couple of years for parents who wish to take their children to work with them at their place of employment outside the district.  A principal has the discretion to allow a parent to take his or her son or daughter out of school to participate in the national event if the student DOES NOT have a scheduled FSA on Thursday, April 26 AND the parent has PREARRANGED the student’s absence with his or her principal and teachers(s).

District employees who wish to bring their school-age son or daughter to work with them may do so on Monday, May 21.  Employees must also PREARRANGE their children’s absences with their principals and teachers if they plan to participate on May 21.

In order for your student to participate in this event the following two forms must be completed and turned in by the dates listed on the forms.  Please click on each form to download and print.

PREARRANGED April 26 and May 21 form 

Take Your Child to Work Worksheet form