School Board Policies 8550 and 8510 impact foods sold or served at schools.

No food or beverage will be sold on campus other than those provided with the School Breakfast and Lunch Programs at secondary schools from the start of the school day until one (1) hour after the last student lunch period.

All foods served or sold to students in schools during the school day, including school and classroom celebrations, classroom activities, vending machines, athletic events, or fundraising should model a healthy lifestyle and be consistent with the Student Wellness Policy procedure (8510).  The school day is defined as midnight until 30 minutes after the last bell.



FNS offers parents a grace period when lunch money is forgotten.  Students are allowed to charge meals to their school lunch account until they bring money from home or replenish the funds on-line.  Parents are still responsible for repaying the charges accrued during the grace period, including the first 10 days of school.

The maximum charge limit for middle school is $6.00 (two lunches).  Once the charge limit is reached, students are offered an alternate lunch of a cheese sandwich, a milk choice and fruit & vegetable side choices until the charges are repaid.  A la carte items and second entrees cannot be charged.