PVMS #ALLIN – #HelpingHarmony #HurricaneHarvey

Pine View Middle School is #ALLIN and has answered the Principals Helping Principals challenge. Together with Pasco eSchool and J. W. Mitchell High School, Pine View Middle School has adopted a school in Texas that has been impacted by #HurricaneHarvey. We are proud to support the Harmony School of Science in the Braeswood area of Houston, Texas.

As part of the Principals Helping Principals challenge, we hope that you will donate gift cards to Walmart or Target, Office Depot or Staples, or other VISA gift cards, which you can bring to PVMS, JWMHS or Pasco eSchool. You can also make donations via GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/harmony-is-for-the-community.

When you make a donation, please tweet out that you have shown how you helped using the hashtag #HelpingHarmony.

We are also asking all Panther to #BeTheChange and bring in any loose change to donate to this fund, too. Change containers will be set up in the cafeteria by Year-Level. #BeTheChange

We also challenge all of our principals and schools in Pasco County to adopt a Texas school by going to this link and choosing a school in need. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UoxQkP9BuFAa2DaSbVBTNyyRvxglK7F54x1C9ZbUKDc/edit#gid=1049076885

Let’s show how we support each other! #IBstrong #PascoTogether #PascoProud